Understanding Continuous Integration and Delivery

Why Should I Take Time To Learn About Continuous Delivery?

Today consumers and businesses want what they want now—and they want the solutions to work quickly and easily. Continuous delivery techniques can make it easier to deploy frequent, well-tested solutions to keep up with market demand.

What Is Continuous Integration and Delivery?

Will I Ever Have Enough People To Do The Testing We Need To Do?

Payments systems have grown too complex and change too quickly for any organization to risk deployments without frequent, comprehensive regression testing. Automation of test execution and verification is required.

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Are My 20th Century Tools Fit For Testing 21st Century Payments Types?

Are you limiting the scope of your testing because of the capacity of your test tools to deliver required level of coverage in the time window you need? With the many changes in payments, comprehensive testing is required to help mitigate risk.

What Is The Future Of Payments Systems?

How Do I Test For The Unexpected?

In the past, testing for the expected was the norm. Today, with innovation and globalization creating a dynamic environment where the possibilities seem endless, organizations must consider testing scenarios that include the possible and improbable.

Learning How To Test For The Unexpected.

How Do I Get The Most Out Of The Resources Across The Organization?

With teams deployed across multiple locations – many times globally - communication can be a challenge. Collaboration between testing teams reduces rework and duplication of effort. Web-based automated testing tools are being built to help increase collaboration across teams.

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