BAI Payments Connect - Postscript

I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the BAI Payments Connect conference in San Diego last week. It was fast paced and exciting. The BAI folks did a great job with the facilities and the catering was impeccable. Good food at a conference is hard to come by, after all.

The fraud prevention, risk scoring and authentication technologies were especially impressive to me. None of the companies showed the sophisticated algorithms they use. However, I can only imagine the complexity of those systems. Complex algorithms will always pique the interest of a software engineer like me. It is a geek thing that I am happy to claim.

The demos at the Innovation Showcase indicate that payments are truly moving to your device of choice. The payment industry is going through a sort of renaissance. I am thrilled to see the talent, ingenuity and drive flocking to the industry. That indispensable device known as the smartphone is at the core of the renaissance and though the timing is unclear, it is only a matter of time until these digital device wonders are used for everything from paying for a purchase in a store to getting cash out of an ATM.

It was interesting to me that we were a minority at the conference. Not only were there no other exhibitors dedicated solely to testing, but Paragon was the only company talking about an approach to testing that delivers efficient ways to integrate these payment solutions more rapidly and with less risk. In the payments eco-system we each have a role to play. The eco-system is so diverse and expansive that we all have to depend on each other to usher in the payments renaissance in a fashion that accommodates innovation while delivering the dependability and availability consumers have come to expect.

Paragon’s role is to think about testing these complex, integrated solutions. The only way to rapidly deploy dependable solutions is to practice Continuous Testing. Gone are the days where we had the luxury to pause our integration efforts while we test. These aren’t isolated tasks. They must be performed in parallel if we’re to meet consumer demands for innovative payment solutions. You can read this series of blog posts that dig a little deeper into our experiences practicing Continuous Testing.