What Does a Quality ePayment Test Suite Need to Do?

In my quest to describe a quality test suite it is important I define the context in which such a solution must function. After all, a test suite for a mobile telephone application that streams music will have characteristics quite different from a test suite for an embedded operating system.

I have been involved in system testing EFT or ePayment systems my entire professional career. Initially, I spent close to eight years developing EFT systems and developing the accompanying test harnesses. After eight years I turned my attention to building test harnesses to help other transaction processing professionals. Thus, when I think of the characteristics of a quality test suite, I consider the attributes that I feel must be present from within the framework of EFT processing systems.

The heavy lifting of an authorization system is performed through sub-components. The path an authorization takes through the interoperable components is known as the transaction path. A quality test suite should be built upon a test harness that can simulate any endpoint in the transaction path and verify the resulting outcome across all the component parts.

In addition, the test harness must be able to execute the test suite automatically. There are too many variations, edge cases and outliers to manually perform comprehensive testing. The failure to comprehensively test EFT processing systems presents monetary risks as the electronic data they carry translates to real currency that belongs to real people.

In addition to executing the test suite automatically, the harness must notify me only when there are variances. With the technology available, I should not have to spend my valuable time searching through volumes of results to identify variances.

In summary, A quality test suite will simulate any endpoint in a transaction path through a test harness that automatically executes the suite, verifies the results and notifies if variances are found.

In my next blog, I will continue building on this definition by exploring the benefits an organization using a quality test suite should realize. Stay tuned.

This is the second in a series of blog posts focusing on developing and describing a quality test suite.

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